The second season finale of Jessica Jones made a not so subtle hint at where Trish’s character might be heading for the next season when she showed off some cat-like reflexes.

Production recently posted a set clip of Rachel Taylor (aka Trish Walker’s actress) doing some very graceful but also seriously cool looking rolls and flips. Check it out here!

While she’s been a non-super-powered character for the majority of the show so far, Trish has had no shortage of badass moments and has definitely been known to have a *tiny* obsession with being a hero.

So if Jessica Jones Season 3 follows Trish’s Hellcat storyline (which the Season 2 ending heavily implied it would,) maybe we’ll finally be seeing Trisha kick butt next to Jessica! …or maybe not seeing as ‘becoming a superhero via creepy experiment’ was something Jessica was definitely not for. After all, she barged in on Trisha’s attempt to go through the same experiment she did before it could be completed.

Hellcat as she appears in Marvel Comics

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what’s in store for Trisha’s newfound powers and their friendship when season three comes around! What are your Jessica Jones season 3 predictions? Let us know in the comments down below!

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