Turtle Rock, the studio behind the fan favourite Left 4 Dead (and not so fan favourite, Evolve) are hiring for an unannounced AAA title.

Turtle Rock Studios are on the look out for a senior level designer for “an unannounced AAA Title” that’s in a “globally known game franchises,” according to the job listing. While it’s safe to assume it’s not Left 4 Dead 3, as Valve can’t count higher than 2 (I don’t even WANT Half-Life 3 anymore) it does leave us with some food for thought. “Globally known” can’t possibly be hinting at Evolve 2, can it?

Back in 2016, Turtle Rock announced that it would be working on a free-to-play co-op FPS with “strong dark fantasy element to it”. While we haven’t heard much on the project since then and the news of a new title, perhaps that title has been killed off for now.

With Evolve, which went free-to-play in 2016, shutting down it’s dedicated servers on September 3, maybe we could be seeing an Evolve 2 at sometime?

Maybe there won’t be a metric fuck tonne of DLC for a new Evolve 2, given how the DLC/Loot box climate is at the minute. A boy can dream, I suppose.

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