Mafia III Weapons Trailer

Revealed by developer Hangar 13, Mafia 3 once featured a prologue sequence that the studio found so controversial that Hangar 13 actually erased it from existence.

Admittedly, Mafia 3 is already tonally pretty dark, but the original introduction to the game was supposedly more brutal than anything we saw when the game went gold. What’s even more interesting is the fact that Hangar 13 was so concerned with the content they’d created, that rather than leaving the section on the cutting room floor, they chose to completely wipe it from their servers entirely.

While speaking to Eurogamer, Andrew Wilson and Haden Blackman, the executive producer and game director respectively, confirmed that Mafia 3 had a cut prologue that detailed the reasons why protagonist Lincoln Clay decided to join the army.

“We’ve never really talked about this anywhere,” said Blackman. “We went back at the eleventh hour and added a cold-open to the game that was a really violent prologue which basically shows Lincoln and a couple of his friends getting ambushed by the mob. It’s super-violent and Lincoln has to resort to violence to escape.”

Apparently, it featured violent scenes where Clay would murder a police officer, before choosing to venture off to Vietnam.

What’s interesting is that Hangar 13 went to the trouble of scrubbing the content from their servers because “If ever that had come out without any context in any form it would have looked terrible”.

So why talk about it now? Mafia 3 released in 2016, so maybe this information has come out to drum up interest in a new Mafia game? I guess only time will tell.

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