Mega Man 11 fans have been treated to a massive info dump about one of the new Robot Masters, dubbed Torch Man. Mega Man will be tasked with taking down the fiery bastard if he wants to earn the Blazing Torch ability, which will undoubtedly make whatever ice stage there is much easier.

Capcom Unity dropped some key information about Torch Mans stage, as well as the boss fight itself.

“When you finally catch up to Torch Man, the woods ablaze behind him (nobody told him only he can prevent forest fires), you’ll have to deal with much more than a bit of fire here and there. Torch Man is surprisingly nimble, showing that he’s not just a disciple of fire, but a “Torch-jutsu” martial arts master as well! Time your jumps and slides well to dodge fireballs and manoeuvre your way around Torch Man’s red-hot kicks while getting attacks in. Don’t drop your guard, or else you might find yourself at the mercy of this Robot Master’s fiery spirit when he loses his temper.”

Torch Man screenshot

Capcom also treated us to a lovely little video of the fight, so if you’re interested in seeing what the fight looks like (enjoy Torch Mans incredible voice lines) then here you go:

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Mega Man 11 is set to release on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on October 2, 2018.

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