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Upcoming Metal Gear Solid movie is set to stay true to the franchise history said director Jordan Voght-Roberts in an interview.

Metal Gear Solid is one of my favorite game franchises, though it can be hard to say that with a straight face sometimes. They are a weird and wonderful blend of absolute camp, cheese, inappropriate nudity, people pissing themselves and pulse-pounding stealth action. It is rare that a game can be a gritty, serious cold war infiltration one minute and then have you fight a man shooting bees out his face the next.

As a fan, I was a little perplexed when I heard they were trying to adapt Solid Snake for the big screen. After all, Hideo Kojima is many things but being concise is definitely not one of them. By the time the credits are rolling for any blockbuster film, Solid Snake has normally just finished brushing his teeth and adjusting his hairband. Additionally, the Metal Gear franchise has taken so much from cinema that a film adaptation seems unnecessary.

That said, it does seem like the director has taken these concerns on board, and appears to be a great fan of the series. Voght-Roberts, probably best known for directing Kong: Skull Island, has said that it is important for him to keep true to Kojima’s vision, and has been in contact with him while the script has been being written. Apparently, Kojima has told him to “do what I would do: betray your audience”. Hopefully, this means we can expect some surprises ahead, like Snake infiltrating the Pentagon or Ocelot not having a thing for Big Boss.

The script has been completed now, so hopefully, we will see this project unfold as production begins later this year. It does seem like a team of dedicated people are working on this, so perhaps Metal Gear Solid will avoid the video-game-movie curse.

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