Phase 2 of the Minecraft‘s Aquatic update is rolling out on ALMOST every platform, Microsoft and Mojang have announced.

Minecraft‘s Aquatic update is bringing various changes, new features, and improvements that build upon the phase 1, which was released in May. The Aquatic updates bring a massive change to the game, adding new in-game items, underworld elements, new underwater zombies and much more.

Wondering which platforms the update isn’t coming to straight away. Why it’s the PlayStation 4 of course! Oh and Java, because fuck you, I guess?

Phase 2 of Minecraft’s Aquatic update brings Realms to the Nintendo Switch, sea turtles, the turtle shell and Scute items, the Turtle Master potion, nautilus shells, conduit power, bubble columns made with magma blocks, additional commands in the Education Edition, and new achievements, and you’ve guessed it, much, much more.

The full list of changes available in Phase 2 of Minecraft’s Aquatic update can be found here.

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