The crossover between Monster Hunter: World and Final Fantasy 14 is set to begin next month as a free update.

A brand new trailer for the event has been released which shows details of how the crossover will bring monsters and characters from both franchises, such as a Behemoth from Final Fantasy 14 making its way to Monster Hunter: World. The trailer also has plenty of mentions of Final Fantasy 14-related enemies, items, and characters.

We also get to see the sheer size of the Behemoth which is set to appear in the Elder’s Recess, the area where most Elder Dragons can be found. Honestly, it’s absolutely huge, so good luck attacking its knees, hunters. Oh, and have fun avoiding its meteor attacks.

With the arrival of the Behemoth comes a new armor set and weapons which can be made from the monster’s hide, while details of the gear are yet to be revealed, we do get a good look at the stunning new hardware.

Monster Hunter: World x Final Fantasy 14 Behemoth

Probably the best part of the update is the addition of Cactuars in Monster Hunter: World because there’s nothing better than being chased by a living, breathing, cactus.

Finally, the Kulu-Ya-Ku will also be growing stronger thanks to the arrival of a mysterious crystal which seems to mesmerize the creature. Once it becomes larger, it’ll also be carrying around said crystal and will probably bonk you on the head with it. Crafty little bird monster.

Capcom nor Square Enix have revealed how long the crossover even will last for or whether some of these monsters or items will be limited to the event. Though I guess we’ll find out on August 1.

In other Monster Hunter: World news, the PC version has a release date of August 9, however, the game won’t be cross-play, nor will it be quite up to speed with the console edition. Adding to that, the limited crossover event won’t be immediately available in the PC version, but it will be arriving at a later date.

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