Anticipating their convention that’s just over a month from now, RetroWorld Expo keeps on adding to their guest list.

So far, RWX has quite the lineup, from actors, Youtubers, musical guests, and representatives from game companies. Some of the more recent announcements have been Travis Landry, the Director of Pop Culture for Altered Reality Entertainment and Yahel, a former professional wrestler and the creator of the Wrestling With Gaming YouTube channel. Other YouTubers appearing will be returning guest Dave Thomas, also known as Game Dave and Norman Caruso, the creator of the channel The Gaming Historian.

Other big names directly involved in the industry include Sal Divita of Midway Games Chicago and THQ, as well as Tim Kitzrow, a voice actor for many retro sports video games, and actors Daniel Pesina, Richard Divizio, and Anthony Marquez, perhaps better known as Johnny Cage, Kano, and Kung Lao from Mortal Kombat, respectively.

This is just a small sliver of the vast array of guests that will be at RWX. You can view the rest of their guest list here, though the site says that we’ll be seeing even more guest announcements in the next few weeks.

Retroworld Expo will be taking place on September 8 and 9 this year at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford, Connecticut. Tickets are currently available online.

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