A few days ago, Netflix announced that not only would it be renewing the wildly popular Aggretsuko for a second season, it would be ordering more anime series to add to its ever-expanding library.

The series that will be added are Ultraman, Kengan Ashura, Cannon Busters, and Dragon Pilot. Ultraman is a continuation of a classic Japanese show from the sixties with the same name. The main character possesses the spirit of the legendary Ultraman from the original show, as well as his suit, which allows him to fight against evil. Kengan Ashura follows an ordinary businessman who is hired to be a gladiator for his company. In his combative matches, he defends himself and his company’s corporate rights.

Cannon Busters is based on an American sci-fi comic series which proved popular in the early 2000s but has had some major publication pauses during its run. And Dragon Pilot rounds things out as a quasi-mecha anime.

Aggretsuko made big waves when it was first released earlier this year and remains popular. It’s a show about a recent college grad entering the frustrating world of office life. You may view season two’s teaser trailer below.

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Cannon Busters will be on Netflix April 1, 2019, and Dragon Pilot will be available to stream starting September 21, 2019. Aggretsuko and Ultraman only have Spring 2019 listed for their release dates.

If that’s too long to wait for some new anime, fear not–Castlevania season two will be out this October!

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