Sea of Thieves latest update has crews splashing about underwater, in the latest Bilge Rat Adventure, this time exploring The Sunken Curse.

Sea of Thieves: The Sunken Curse introduces Cursed Mermaid statues into the world. These statues can be found all across Sea of Thieves, however, most can only be found by diving underwater.

The overall goal of the new Sea of Thieves update is to destroy as many of the new Cursed Mermaid statues as possible, which will net you event-only doubloons as a reward. Not all statues are cursed equally, however. Each Cursed Mermaid statue will heal itself if not attacked quickly enough, and the strongest statues will require the effort of four players to order to destroy. You won’t need to team up with other ships to complete the challenges, however, meaning the event is possible with a single 4 man crew.

Sea of Thieves: The Sunken Curse will be running today through July 25, and you can watch the full trailer for the event below.

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