Old School RuneScape has finally made its way to mobile with Jagex announcing that it’s available on Android in public beta.

The Android version of Old School RuneScape is available to download and play right now provided you have a compatible device. Jagex announced that its throw-back version of its long-running MMORPG would be coming to mobile back in July last year. They also announced that the current version of RuneScape would also be coming to mobile at a later date.

Following a number of “incredibly successful” closed beta periods, according to Jagex, anyone who wants to continue (or even start) their adventure in Old School RuneScape on the go, they can. There are however a few little caveats; first of all, players will need to have a RuneScape membership to play, second of all, Jagex has implemented an install limit, so there’s a chance you might not be able to download the game just yet.

This limit is set to rise as the game continues its stint in open beta and the game remains stable and playable for all players.

Old School RuneScape on Mobile

Finally, Jagex touched upon the game’s release on iOS saying that they’re still working on creating a stable game and that they hope to have it out into the world later this Summer.

For more information about Old School RuneScape, head on over to the game’s website.

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