Overwatch‘s new hero Wrecking Ball is to launch into the full game July 24, Blizzard has announced.

Not only is July 24 the best day of the year because it’s my birthday, Blizzard has chosen to treat me (and all of you lot too, I guess) to a lovely new tank to irritate the living fuck out of healers with.

Blizzard announced the release date for Wrecking Ball within Overwatch on Twitter:

Wrecking Ball has been live on Overwatch’s PTR for a few weeks now, where players have been enjoying roleplaying as their pet Hamster, if their pet Hamster happened to be a criminal mastermind with guns attached to his ball. I mean anything could happen right?

Wrecking Ball is Overwatch’s latest tank hero, and utilises mobility and quad machine guns to dispatch foes. His ultimate, an AOE minefield, is fantastic for area denial, and will surely be put to good effect blocking lanes. Oh who am I kidding, it’ll be dropped in the middle of the point, and never touched.

Wrecking Ball is set to go live within Overwatch July 24.

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