We all love a good crossover, don’t we? But like in BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, sometimes we don’t always see the bits of two different franchises we’d like to see clashing in battle.

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle is a fighting game that brought together four Otaku franchises, RWBY, Persona, Underbirth and of course, BlazBlue. One thing that you’ll notice when you’ll play the game is the lack of playable RWBY characters. When you get the game, you can only play as Ruby and Weiss and you have to download Yang and Blake separately.

Of course, publisher Arc Systems have promised future characters will be introduced to play as. But before we get to that point, I’ve got a few suggestions of RWBY characters that can be introduced.

P.S I’m near the end of Volume 4, so my information may not be as up to date.


A little part of my mechanical soul died when Penny got wiped out in Volume 3. A part of me always thinks androids are really cool, from Astro Boy to The Terminator.

I think Penny’s ability to telekinetically wield many swords at once would make an awesome mechanic to be adapted into BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle and is really suitable for long range to close.

Pyrrha Nikos

Pyrrha was an accomplished warrior and had a great power to back it up.

Magnetism and the master of the blade make Pyrrha a great character to add the roster with acrobatic finishers that would be awesome to watch back in a replay.

Summer Rose

Summer may have her failings as a mother but she sure makes up for it for prowess in battle. A tag team battle between her and Ruby would great since both wield such similar weapons.

Nora Valkyrie

The pink hyperactive JNPR team member may come off as a bit shrill, but looks can deceptive and that hammer of hers sure packs a wallop. A real powerhouse which can add some real diversity to the characters already available to play as from the RWBY rooster.


Do you think anyone else deserves a chance in the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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