Turns out that both the Kraken and Megalodon can attack at the same time in Sea of Thieves, Reddit user ClawofChaos has discovered.

ClawofChaos was sailing the seas with his crew when both the Kraken and Megalodon decided to come and have a go, at the same time. While it is not uncommon to meet the wrath of the Kraken or the Megalodon, but getting the arse end of both is a 24 Karat run of shit luck.

The whole event is extremely Rare (pun intended) and requires the stars aligning and probably a sacrificial offering to take place. That, or it’s a lucky combination of mechanics, timing and positioning. Probably the latter.

Sea of Thieves is currently in the midst of the Sunken Curse event, running through July 25. You can keep up to date with all the latest Sea of Thieves news here.

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