Semblance, “the world’s first true plat-former” is set to land on Nintendo Switch, PC and Mac, on July 24 publisher Good Shepherd Entertainment has announced.

In Semblance players take control of a squishy, bouncy character in amongst a soft malleable world where everything is deformable. Unfortunately horrible hard material has spread across the game’s world and it’s up to players to meld themselves and the world in creative ways to solve puzzles.

It’s a game that truly resonated with our very own Oliver at E3 2018 who said:

“Semblance oozes charm and from the moment I picked up the controller I was hooked. Semblance is definitely a title worth looking out for, especially for commuters thanks to its Switch compatible version, allowing you to tackle a couple head-scratchers on the way to work in the morning. The levels themselves are perfectly placed for that 30-minute commute!”

Surely that’s enough to tickle your curiosity, right? If not, here’s a release date announcement trailer for Semblance showing the smooshy game in action.

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