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Shadow of War Finally Ends Monetized Loot Boxes With New Update

A little too late?

Fulfilling their promise made back in April, Monolith has finally removed their questionable real-money micro-transactions from Middle-earth: Shadow of War. Along with this free update, comes a number of other improvements to the gameplay as well.

I’m sure most of you remember last years loot box uproar. Basically, it became the general consensus that a full priced game that had further transactions within the game as a way for players to gain an advantage was bullshit. Middle-earth: Shadow of War fell under this scrutiny, among a handful of others. Their real-money marketplace let players purchase high-level Orc followers through War Chests. These followers could then improve the player’s army as a whole, making them noticeably stronger. Most reviews of Middle-earth: Shadow of War criticized the feature and called it an unnecessary, and unwelcome distraction from Shadow of War’s end game content.

Along with the removal of the real money marketplace, Monolith Productions included a number of new features to give players a “better end-game experience”. The end-game mode “Shadow Wars” is now titled “Epilogue”. Players that earn Victories in Epilogue will be rewarded with a Nazgûl Mask. These masks will let players unlock completely new powers, like the ability to raise the dead. Epilogue will also feature an “endless mode”, which allows players to keep playing even after the credits roll.

Monolith Productions continues to strive towards giving players a unique experience within the Lord of the Rings universe. As a testament to that, the developer has improved the Nemesis System, which makes each player’s experience unique through the allies and enemies they make, which is based on their in-game choices. Legendary Orcs, more training orders and the ability for followers to find and bring players gifts are just a few additions Monolith has included in today’s update.

Further update details can be found on Monolith’s website.

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