Slender Man Movie Poster Cropped

The upcoming Slender Man movie has received another trailer today, and guess what? I still haven’t watched it.

There’s something about this creepypasta that really jiggles my goolies. Whether it’s the idea of actually seeing Slender Man and suffering a CRT-like static death or just the idea that you’re being creepily watched whilst on a nighttime jaunt in the woods. Either way, I don’t like Slender Man.

Whilst the games, online fanfic, and fan art might be enough for some people, for Sony Pictures this lanky no-faced monstrosity needed a movie, and it makes you wonder why?

If you’re a lover of things that go bump in the night or being petrified by a gangly weirdo in the forest, then you can check out the Slender Man trailer below:

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Slender Man launches in theatres on August 24.

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