Stardew Valley‘s long-awaited multiplayer mode is set to arrive on August 1, publisher Chucklefish has announced.

On August 1 PC players will finally be able to virtually marry their friends as multiplayer finally comes to Stardew Valley. This release follows a long beta period which a handful of players have already been putting to the test. The good news is, things have gone well, with designer Eric Barone confirming that the full release will only see a handful of bug fixes being made.

The multiplayer mode for Stardew Valley will allow two players to essentially tend a farm together. It’s this simplicity which already made the game pretty great, and now they can share that joy with another player. Unfortunately, there won’t be a split-screen mode, this was confirmed by Barone on Twitter.

Currently, the multiplayer update is only planned for the PC version of the game with no word on whether it’ll arrive on consoles or the upcoming Nintendo Switch port. Though considering the lack of local co-op, it seems unlikely that this mode will come with the Switch.

Hopefully, I’m wrong.

Check out the announcement trailer for Stardew Valley‘s upcoming multiplayer update below:

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