Netflix has revealed that Stranger Things‘ third season is set to come a little later than expected: Summer 2019, but it’ll be totally worth the wait.

Earlier this month a brief teaser for Netflix’s sci-fi thriller, Stranger Things, was released. The video was a pseudo promo video for a mall in the fictional town of Hawkins which was set to open “next summer”. Many took this as a hint as to when we’ll be able to catch the next Season of Stranger Things, and now Netflix has confirmed that.

Netflix programming exec Cindy Holland has revealed that the show’s third season is set to launch sometime in summer 2019. This would mean we’ll be waiting a minimum of 18 months for Season 3.

The reason for the delay might be a good one however as Holland revealed that the season will be “bigger and better” adding that it’ll feature more special effects than before. So sure, there’s a wait, but hopefully, it’ll be well worth it, as Netflix seems to be promising.

The good news is that Netflix has plenty in store up until then including Matt Groening’s Disenchantment and the second season of Iron Fist, among others.

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