Netflix has released a teaser trailer for the next season of Stranger Things, and it’s probably the most 80s thing I’ve ever seen.

The teaser, which Netflix released on Twitter, shows a brand new addition to the fictional town of Hawking; the Starcourt Mall. The teaser acts as a cheesy VHS-style advert for the mall referencing several things from the golden era and is a stark reminder of how much things have changed over the years.

The Starcourt Mall, according to the teaser, is “one of the finest shopping facilities in America and beyond” and is home to several stores including The Gap, Waldenbooks, and Sam Goody. The latter of the two revealed that the date for the new series is likely 1984 thanks to promos of Tom Clancy’s The Hunt for Red October and Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the USA appearing in their respective windows.

The promo ends with the line “coming next summer” which could be a hint at when we’ll be seeing Stranger Things Season 3, which would make sense given the previous news that we’d be waiting a while for the new season.

Check it out:

While Summer 2019 might seem like a while away, there are plenty of other Stranger Things content on the way in the form of a comic book and a video game.

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