While Super Troopers 2 has only just landed in theatres, Broken Lizard, the production company which features most of the actors in the movie, has announced the third installment into the series.

According to Jay Chandrasekhar in an interview with The Huffington Post, Super Troopers 3 will come with a very familiar looking subtitle; Super Troopers: Winter Soldiers, a not so subtle nod to the second Captain America movie, Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

There are currently no details on the third movie other than that writing has begun. The second movie gained success on IndieGoGo after raising around $4.5 million. The reason for the crowdfunding route was due to studios refusing to pick up the movie.

Interestingly, once crowdfunding was successful, Fox Searchlight hopped on board, though we’re unsure if they’re tied to the third movie. So far Super Troopers 2 has earned about $30 million at the box office, despite being mostly panned by critics.

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