Surgeon Simulator is set to bring its janky physics-based surgery to Nintendo Switch, Bossa Studios has announced, with Surgeon Simulator CPR.

Teased earlier this month, Surgeon Simulator CPR is set to bring a new unique way to play thanks to the Nintendo Switch’s sharing capabilities. The game’s additional little subtitle, “CPR” doesn’t actually stand for “Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation”, instead it actually stands for “Co-op Player Ready”.

That’s right, Surgeon Simulator CPR will be co-op on the Nintendo Switch. Not only will you be able to bodge surgery on the go, but you can now do it with a friend. Details on how this will work are unknown, however, in a press release, Bossa Studios said the co-op play will allow players to “tag in” another player both in person or online.

Surgeon Simulator CPR is also set to come with all of the content released in the A&E Edition including teeth and eye transplants as well as the Alien Autopsy mode.

Surgeon Simulator CPR is set to land on Nintendo Switch this Autumn.

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