Tony Hawk has revealed during The Nine Club podcast that he’s working with a “phone app developer” on a new mobile game.

The era of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater has been and gone, and while many of us had high hopes that there’d be a new Skate at E3 2018, that sadly wasn’t the case, however, there might be hope on a new Tony Hawk game, if the Birdman himself is anything to go by.

In The Nine Club podcast Hawk spoke with fellow skater Chris Roberts about a number of things, but in a highlight, the topic shifted to the acclaimed Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater franchise. During the podcast, Hawk revealed that by the fourth game, he received a pretty hefty check from Activision:

“My main contact at Activision asked to have lunch with me in LA when I was there one day, he’s not the head, he was the guy overseeing our games, and he’s like ‘here’s what’s happening, we’re releasing the fourth game, the last three are still in the top ten of sales, one is going into..’ I forget what they call it, it’s like, ‘classics mode’ which means they sell it at a certain price but at way more volume. He’s like ‘so things are way bigger than you ever thought’ and he handed me a cheque for four million dollars.”

Tony Hawk in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

That’s a pretty massive royalty cheque if you ask me, and at this point, there were plenty more games to come out of the Tony Hawk‘s franchise so heaven knows how much money Birdman has made from these games… Interestingly he also adds that Activision has the rights to the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater name, so he can’t release another game, nor go to another studio to release another game.

Later in the podcast, the topic goes onto skate games and how there are just no good games anymore. Hawk puts it down to the market being diluted and that all people want is Call of Duty, other first-person shooters, and Fortnite, and that sports games such as Madden are difficult to go up against.

All hope isn’t lost, however, as Hawk did reveal that he is working on a new game:

“I’m working with a phone app developer on something,” he says, adding that, “I’m pretty excited because I feel that this one is on the right track and I’m in, but I can’t exactly say what it is yet, so…”

This isn’t the first time Tony Hawk has been involved with a mobile game, back in 2014 Tony Hawk’s Shred Session was announced for mobile and was essentially hopping on the hype of the mobile endless runners. Unfortunately, after a soft-launch in a handful of territories, Shred Session was canceled and never saw the light of day.

You can check out the full episode of The Nine Club here, or the specific highlight we discuss, below:

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