Two Point Hospital developer, Two Point Games, have released a new development diary video for the game showing off some illnesses and locations.

In the video, Lauran and Craig from Two Point Games, talk us through some of the features coming to the Theme Hospital spiritual successor as well as showing off some of the game’s locations.

We get a look at one of Two Point Hospital‘s locations, the Mitton University, which is currently suffering with a bad case of the “paranormal”. Because of this, players won’t be able to hire any senior doctors and instead will have to raise juniors through the use of training rooms.

The video below features a lot of footage from E3 however Lauran and Craig dive a little deeper into what’s going on and how players will be able to cure some of the game’s more bizarre illnesses.

Check it out:

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Two Point Hospital is set to launch on PC sometime later this year.

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