EA shut down Visceral Games in October last year, which had been working on a secret Star Wars Project headed by Amy Hennig. This week, in a talk with Rob Purchese of EuroGamer, she announced her departure from EA.

During the Gamelab conference in Barcelona, it a talk with Eurogamer’s Rob Purchese, Hennig revealed that she parted ways with EA back in January this year, and that she is in the process of starting up a new, independent studio. She also noted that she had not yet had the chance to announce the change, or set any records straight over the matter.

When asked if she was still creative director of a Star Wars project, Hennig replied:

“I’m not, I have not worked at EA since January, technically, legally. Yes. This is the problem, it was hard enough for them, but people were immediately asking them ‘is Amy working with you?’ and the answer was ‘well, we’re in negotiations…'”

“I never got the chance to announce that I’m not at EA so I need to just pull off that band-aid at some point – but also had nothing to announce. It makes it sound like I just went home! But I’m doing all this stuff, working on all kinds of things.”

It seems that Hennig is going the independent route, stating:

“I’m working independently and staying independent. I just started my own small little independent studio and am consulting with some people. I’m hoping to bring some people on board, I would love to have a little company of about six to eight people, 15 at the most, and do some more projects, do some VR stuff – I’m consulting with some VR companies and doing a ton of research because I haven’t played a lot to immerse myself in it.”

It seems that the highly anticipated Star Wars title has been put to rest then, but it’s great to see that Hennig is still out there planning to bring us some fantastic titles. We look forward to seeing what she can bring to the table!



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