Warframe developer Digital Extremes had plenty to announce to fans of the popular co-op action MMO at TennoCon this past weekend.

During its third annual convention this weekend, Digital Extremes announced the next expansion to arrive for Warframe which follows on from last year’s expansion, Plains of Eidolon. This new expansion is titled Fortuna and will have players traveling to Venus. What’s more, as players are launched into space, they’ll be able to take part in new ship-to-ship battles.

Much like Plains of Eidolon, Venus will offer a new open landscape which offers new gameplay experiences as well as a new faction, the Solaris United, and even more lore to discover.

Players will begin their journey from the underground Colony of Fortuna picking up bounties and missions to complete. From here they’ll venture out to the surface of The Orb Vallis where their adventures will begin. Oh, and to aid them on their journey, a brand new Bondi K-Drive (basically a hoverboard) will help them get places much quicker.

Warframe Fortuna Expansion Venus Spider

There’s plenty in store in the upcoming Fortuna expansion, however, that’s not all. This expansion is only the beginning of a much grander update for Warframe titled Codename: Railjack. This update will bring a completely new way to play in Warframe as it’ll allow 1-4 players to board a warship on land, and ascend into space to both explore the vast universe and take part in epic battles.

Players will be required to control the ship and engage in PvE combat against a manner of different foes, whether it’s launching Archwings to board other ships, or simply just blow every other ship to smithereens. Teamwork is key though as players will need to work together to make sure the ship isn’t damaged or taking damage.

Digital Extremes also announced these additions coming to Warframe in the near future:

  • Two New Warframes: Tenno can look forward to Codename ‘Revenant’, an Eidolon-themed Warframe with a deadly affliction, and codename ‘Garuda’, a vicious, goryWarframe that plays with her prey.
  • The New WarDigital Extremes hinted at what to expect in the next chapter of its Cinematic Quest series.
  • Community-driven Creativity: Quick, did you miss it? During the debut of Fortuna, Digital Extremes featured its valued TennoGen partners’ cosmetic creations as part of its ongoing relationship with its community members.
  • Exclusive Amazon Prime Day Bundle: As part of the Amazon Prime Day celebrations, starting July 12, Digital Extremes announced the continuation of its marketing partnership to give away cool Warframe stuff featuring an exclusive Liset Skin and an exclusive Color Picker (must be Twitch Prime members to claim).

Finally, Digital Extremes announced that Warframe is coming to Nintendo Switch. You can find more details here.

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To find out more, or to jump into the action for yourself, head on over to the game’s website.

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