We Happy Few will no longer be banned in Australia as it achieved an adult rating, so Australian gamers can let out a sigh of relief.

Previously, the Australian Classification Board has refused to give We Happy Few a rating based on it’s deceptions of violence and drug use, which for those of you who are unaware, are core to the overall theme of the game. With this decision, it ultimately lead to the game being banned in the country.

Thankfully, logic prevails and the Australian Classification Board has backpedalled and granted We Happy Few an R18+ rating, which should lead to some We Happy Few gamers.

The announcement was dropped via an official statement from the Australian Classification Board earlier this week.

“We are extremely pleased with the decision of the board and excited that our Australian fans and new players will be able to experience We Happy Few without modification,” Compulsion Games announced in a blog post. “We want to thank everybody who got involved in the discussion, contacted the board and sent us countless messages of support. Your involvement made a huge difference.”

While Australia seems to have a weird time with it’s game classifications, with Left 4 Dead 2 being a prime example, the boys and girls down under won’t have to worry about a weird version of We Happy Few.

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