(L-R, front row) Steve, Greta, June, Cooper, Gus, Peanut, (back row) Boomer in the animated film, WONDER PARK by Paramount Animation and Nickelodeon Movies

Wonder Park is exactly what it be like to discover a theme park that seemed to forgotten by the rest of the world, and Paramount Pictures has released the first trailer.

Essentially, Wonder Park tells the tale of a young girl named June who gets lost in the woods and finds a fantastic looking theme park that seems to be have been long forgotten, well at least that’s what she thinks.

Then some kind of magic or very advanced science brings a whole load of people to the park ready for the grand opening. Though June discovers the theme park is straight from her imagination and she must band together with some quirky comic relief animals to save it from possible destruction.

First thoughts, is that it looks an awful lot like Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs, in terms of animation and character design.

Check out the trailer below:

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Roll up and get ready as Wonder Park hits the cinemas in 2019.

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