Worbital, the upcoming real-time space war game from The Jolly Rodger, has entered open beta with keys being dished out via their Discord channel.

In Worbital players are given their own planets which they can deck out with all manner of world-destroying weaponry as they take on up to three other planets in an all-out battle fur solar system domination. Players are required to slowly build up their defenses as well as attacks as their planet slowly orbits the sun whilst keeping tabs on their enemy as they do the same.

As soon as planets align, all hell breaks loose as each planet unleashes missiles, lasers, and even nukes, in an effort to get through to the core and blow their opponent’s planet into space dust. Players will need to be smart though as gravity also plays a key part in the game, aim a little too off and your missile could come hurtling back towards you.

Sounds like a hoot, right? Well, the good news is, you don’t have too long to wait to get your hands on the game as Worbital currently in open beta over on Steam. Though you’ll have to jump through some hoops to access it.

To get a key for the Worbital public beta players should head to The Jolly Rodger’s Discord channel and head to the #request-beta-key channel and ask for a code. Then one of the friendly developers will slide into your DM and give you a key. From here, all you’ve got to do is redeem the key on Steam and blast off!

You can check out Worbital for yourself in the trailer below:

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