Worlds Adrift is one of few “Early Access” release success stories, due to the ongoing support from the incredible team at Bossa Studios and their dedicated fans. The interactions between devs and players aren’t just consistent but they run deep too, the Bossa team are always looking for feedback from the players in order to enhance and progress the game.

The Worlds Adrift Island Creator is a perfect example of this relationship, where players are encouraged to create their own islands and share them with the community with the hopes that they may be selected for entry into the game itself. Players have built some truly epic creations, astounding the developers themselves, improvising assets in the creator to bring their ideas to life. Lexhy Island is an in-game landmark created by one of the community and is recognized by all players, often used as a meeting point or pick-up point for beginners just starting out.

The fact the fan base is so active and the devs are so attentive to their feedback shows massively in game. Worlds Adrift has come on leaps and bounds from their early closed alpha builds, continuing to grow and develop at an incredible rate. The engine runs smoother, the skyscapes look better, the creatures behave more naturally and the game itself is a league above where it once was.

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Worlds Adrift has been referred to as “Sea of Thieves in the sky.” which if anything is an insult to the gameWorlds Adrift is the game Sea of Thieves wishes it could be, and it’s still only in early access on Steam! Although it offers nothing in the way of quest or clear story progression, Worlds Adrift has boundless possibilities to it. The sky isn’t the limit but just the beginning of the adventure. Players starting out will find themselves on one of the many beginner islands where resources and “knowledge points” are in big supply, allowing you to get your materials and blueprints together quickly and allow you to really start to play.

That being said, there’s no rush and zipping about with the grappling hook is ridiculously fun. Don’t expect to master it straight away, leaping from the Rebirth Chamber for the first time introduced me to the blunt side of a stone wall really rather swift. After flattening my character’s face a few times I began to pick it up and before long was flying pretty gracefully around the island with nothing but the grappling hook and gravity as my guides. You could spend hours gliding around a single island with the wind whipping in your ears as you fall through the air before rapidly changing direction and doing it all again.

All this says nothing about the main attraction of the title, the airships. Creating your own ship frame and decking it out with all the equipment you want before taking flight and journeying to other islands, battling the troublesome Sky Mantas, gathering resources and seeking out the lore of Worlds Adrift. Once up the world is as large as your fuel reserves and as durable as your ship, weathering a fearsome Stormwall is no mean feat, but once through you’re greeted with the entirely new terrain.

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The comparison to Sea of Thieves is a solid one, as even though Worlds Adrift doesn’t have any real quests, ports or merchants, it already feels like a more complete game. It’s a world truly built by the player, quite literally in the case of the Island Creator, and you’re free to create your own stories and adventures however you please! You get sick of your ship? Scrap it and build a new one! Wanna build a flying orbital doom-fort? Gather the resources and rise, Darth Aeros.

Worlds Adrift doesn’t just make promises, it keeps them. The excellent Dev team and ongoing support from the fanbase is making what was once a dream become reality for many. The title continues to grow and expand at an incredible pace, with regular updates and maintenance every weak, introducing new features and tweaks. Not only does Worlds Adrift have a promising future, but so do Bossa Studios too! Worlds Adrift is definitely a title to keep your eye on!

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