Xbox One‘s July update is here and with it brings the touted FastStart feature which Microsoft spoke about at E3 2018.

FastStart is set to make downloading Game Pass games start much quicker. Much like when installing games to the Xbox One you’ll receive a “ready to start” notification, however, with FastStart this is set to happen twice as fast.

The way this works is that once the download begins, the system prioritizes the files needed to begin playing and downloads those first. Unfortunately, the new FastStart feature is only available on FastStart-enabled titles, though Microsoft plans to expand the selection over time.

In addition to this, other features include the ability to quick search items by pressing Y from anywhere on the dashboard. Improved organizational features have also been added such as the ability to group together games in addition to pinning titles. This allows players to make a ton of custom collections of games, from their favorite multiplayer titles through to games they’ve completed 100%. The options here are almost endless.

Finally, the update also brings a bunch of Mixer enhancements for all 15 people who stream on that platform. These enhancements include more controller options, full-screen webcam support, as well as overall quality and stability improvements.

You can find a more in-depth run-down of each of these new features over on the Xbox Wire.

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