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Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers created quite a storm back in the early 90s and made it back for a second season with more product placement and a change in cast.

The second season of the show saw Tommy become the most developed character of the team as he begins to cope with the dark deeds he did for Rita Repulsa whilst under his influence.

It also saw arguably one the of the scariest Power Rangers bad guy every makes his debut, Lord Zedd the master of Rita Repulsa.

This season saw how production company Saban would cope with the transition in seasons of Super Sentai as each entry into the franchise only lasts for a season and starts afresh each year.

This season borrowed from Dairanger and mystic zen themed Super Sentai entry.

Jason, Zack, and Trini were re-cast:

It might be the most common bit of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers trivia you see around the internet, but it’s still important to the franchise and how it changed as three of the original five have gone.

Austin St John, Thuy Trang, and Walter Jones walked off set after becoming unhappy with pay. Since the cast was not unionized, their pay was considered to be quite low and people behind the camera made much more in comparison.

Since they walked out during filming the production had to rely on stock footage and stands until Rocky (Steve Cardenas), Adam (Johhny Yong Bosch), Aisha (Karan Ashley) were cast as replacements.

If you were 8, you may not have noticed, but if you were an adult it would’ve been painfully obvious especially when you notice how the Red, Black and, Yellow Rangers don’t talk and you only see the back of there heads.

Rita was replaced with an English actor:

Rita Repulsa began life as series of dubbed scenes of the antagonist from the Zyuranger season of Super Sentai: Witch Bandora. With the arrival of Lord Zedd an English speaking actor was cast (Carla Perez) to take over the bad guy duties.

Along with this, a new set for the Moon Palace was used and background baddies like Finnster, Baboo, and Squat moved to the background.

The White Ranger is from a different Sentai season:

Ever noticed how the White Ranger looks different from the other rangers? Well, the reason for that is the White Ranger costume is from Dai Ranger and it’s the sixth ranger from that team.

This season used a mix of footage from two different seasons:

Like Trunks and Goten from Dragon Ball, Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers’ second season fused together the action footage from Dairanger and the specially created Zyuranger footage.

So the new Thunder Megazord did battle with baddies from both seasons spliced together competently enough that you wouldn’t notice until you read this.

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