Power Rangers Turbo

Let’s be honest, Power Rangers Turbo isn’t really considered a high for the franchise, but it does make history with it’s Blue Ranger. You see up until this point in the history of the show, the Power Rangers were teenagers. Well, I say teenagers but when I was in my mid-teens I wasn’t a ripped dude who looks more like a twenty-year-old… just saying.

Anyway, since Turbo was supposed to be a soft reboot of the franchise in the sense of production company, Saban wanted to draw in a much younger audience, since the current audience who grown up and weren’t buying toys anymore. Thus, leading to the casting of Blake Foster as young Justin. The casting was a bit controversial with the fanbase polarised.

Since Justin replaced Rocky, who was injured at the time of the movie, this lead to Justin being made a permanent Ranger when the series started. Though, what if things had worked out differently? What if the casting went a little differently?

Realistically, who could’ve been become the Blue Turbo Ranger? Just a quick side note. This no diss of Blake Foster, this is just for fun and because I like “what if” scenarios and the dude does a lot of cool things for conventions.

Brad Hawkins AKA Ryan Steele from VR Troopers

Brad voiced the Gold Ranger in his early appearances during Power Rangers Zeo with a plan rumored to be in the works for his character from VR troopers to be revealed as the Gold Ranger.

This didn’t happen as it was revealed to be a Prince Troy from another world who briefly let Jason wield the power.

It would’ve been cool if Brad had been given the Blue Turbo Ranger to see if they’d even merged the VR and Power Ranger’s continuities.

An Alien Ranger

The Alien Rangers kind of feel to the background after the Alien Rangers miniseries with a small role in Power Rangers Zeo and a small cameo in Power Rangers in Space.

I guess one turning up and having to adjust to life on Earth would’ve been fun to watch.

Zack from the original five

Zack has always been seen as a second in command during his time in the original five. Maybe if he’d been given the Blue Morpher you never know he could’ve ended up leading the team later on or even ended up with a Red Morpher in another team.

A chance for a typical third ranger to get little space to grow in terms of character. Though he left over pay disputes, I’m sure Walter Jones could’ve been lured back with some persuasion.

Kimberly Also from the original five

What if Kimberly stayed in Angel Grove after the events of the movie? Imagine what it’d be like for the Pink Princess to end up in a different team with another colour, would she act like the mother hen to the team? Being such a veteran in terms of fighting evil?

Guess it’ll stay as a what if…

Have you got a better idea? Let us know in the comments!

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