Nintendo has finally ended the hottest debate of the past 3 decades, the correct pronunciation of the abbreviation of the Nintendo Entertainment System, or NES.

Sheath your swords and lay your lances. This is a rare time of peace and harmony. For the centuries since its initial release, the Nintendo Entertainment System Family Computer AKA the NES or Famicom, the planet has been up in arms on one single matter; the pronunciation of Nintendo’s classic console and we have all been doing it wrong:

Now around the world, we are all a little different. Nintendo of Japan has always canonically called pronounced it I was raised to pronounce it “NEZZ”. I have met some weirdos that say I am a Londoner so obviously, I speak the Queen’s English perfectly cromulently, but even here we were doing it wrong.

It should have been obvious, we only have to look at the perennial franchise Earthbound, with Mother 1’s protagonist being named by default Ninten and Mother 2 (aka Earthbound)’s hero had the name NESS! It was there all along! As all Smash Brothers players know in times of disagreement to look to our favorite thirteen-year-old with a baseball bat… 



Now, all we need to work out is what does Lucas mean?

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