While Stunlock Studios had previously announced that Battlerite Royale would be a separate entity on Steam, we’ve finally had a trailer drop to show the game in motion!

According to previous information, and now confirmed via the trailer, players will be playing as champions from Battlerite, but you’ll be looting and gearing up just like every other Battle Royale. The encroaching circle of death is also present, dubbed the Death Vortex. There’ll also be no Bus Driver for you to lovingly thank, as you’ll be riding into battle atop a giant dragon.

Battlerite Royale is set to take place on Talon Island, which is reportedly 30 times larger than the standard Battlerite map. While the champions will control the same way that you’ve come to expect, there will be some changes made to make sure they’re balanced and work in a Battle Royale setting.

Battlerite Royale will be dropping on to Steam Early Access (like everything these days) during September. If you’re a little impatient, there’s a closed beta test that you can sign up for here.

Set to be the first MOBA to attempt a Battle Royale mode (it’s not a genre), Battlerite Royale could actually be positioned well, as it’s combat has been highly praised by fans. Rather than having to worry about being sniped across the map by a Chinese hacker, you can let your skills do the talking.

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Players can also sign up for the Battlerite Royale beta over on the game’s website.

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