Stunlock Studios has announced that their Battlerite battle royale spin-off, aptly named Battlerite Royale, will be launching for $19.99.

While Battlerite is free to play, during its stint in Early Access players were required to purchase the game to get involved during this time, and it seems that Stunlock is doing the same thing with Battlerite Royale.

Players looking to get into this fresh spin on the Battle Royale trend will have to pay $20, which isn’t that bad. For players who have the All Champions Pack or purchased Battlerite Royale during its Early Access period will receive a 50% off limited-time coupon.

Those who do purchase Battlerite Royale using the coupon will also receive a limited Legendary Ember Tiger Mount as well as use any and all cosmetics unlocked in the main game.

Battlerite Royale Legendary Tiger Mount


Until the game launches in Early Access, players can head to the game’s website to sign up to the Closed Beta.

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