Developer Pearl Abyss has announced that Black Desert Online is set to get the Remastered treatment with Black Desert: Remastered making an already fantastic-looking game, look even better.

Announced during a keynote speech in Seoul last weekend, Pearl Abyss has revealed that Black Desert: Remastered will be coming on August 22 and will bring an “extensive overhaul” to the game. This will include physically based rendering, lighting, and atmospheric scattering techniques, and of course volumetric clouds.

In addition, Black Desert: Remastered will support HDR output as well as improved post-processing thanks to YEBIS middleware. There’ll also be optimizations with ambient occlusion, ocean rendering, and realistic cloth simulation. But that’s not all, as Pearl Abyss also plans to add improved shadow rendering, temporal upsampling, and antialiasing in the future.

What makes all of this even more impressive is that these additions, improvements, and optimizations won’t affect the game’s recommended system requirements.

Black Desert Remastered Comparison GIF

For those looking to get a hold of these improvements as soon as humanly possible, players can download Black Desert: Remastered on the Global Lab Testing server. Eventually, the Remaster will be rolled out to the live server on August 22.

A more in-depth look at all of these improvements can be found over on the game’s website.

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