Hulu has announced that they will be renewing their ongoing show Castle Rock for a second season.

Castle Rock, produced by J.J. Abrams’ company Bad Robot and based on Stephen King’s vast body of work, has apparently been one of the most successful series launched by Hulu. It has been reaching many new viewers and has been revisited actively, as each new episode premieres weekly.

Castle Rock is an original story, though it harkens back to many of King’s works, including the most famous such as The Shining (movie canon and everything) and The Shawshank Redemption, as well as the more obscure, like Gerald’s Game. For an in-depth look at these references and connections, you can check out all of our weekly “Curiosities and Connections” articles here.

The CEO of Hulu, Randy Freer, seems excited about the success of Castle Rock and the service’s other original programming and has told CNBC that there will probably be “20 or 25 more original shows going into production in the upcoming year. Maybe we’ll get some more King programming streaming weekly!

Bill Skarsgård is a major player in ‘Castle Rock’ as a mysterious inmate at Shawshank.

There is no word on when production on season 2 will start or when we can expect to see it on Hulu, but new episodes of the first season are premiering every Wednesday through September 12.

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