Chrono Trigger had a disastrous PC release, there’s no denying it. But hats off to Square Enix, as they’ve done right by the port of the SNES classic.

Back in March, the PC re-release of the classic SNES era RPG was torn apart. Chrono Trigger, or should I say is, was one of my favourite games of all time, so to see such a shoddy port was a travesty.

The port was a mixture of terrible character sprites, mismatched background tiles and the token mobile port menus we seem to receive far too often. To say that it felt like they’d taken the mobile release and ported it to PC, instead of the DS, PS1 or even SNES versions, seems like a weird oversight.

Thankfully, it looks like these issues have been alleviated by Chrono Triggers latest, and final, patch. That’s a statement I never thought I’d have to type. It seems Square Enix took the massive backlash to heart and have managed to transform a shoddy port, into a potential “best version”.

Chrono Trigger screen 1

The sprites have been fixed and the mismatched tiles are no longer an issue. The fonts have been changed to more accurately represent the original SNES version. The UI and menus have had a complete overhaul, doing away with the shitty mobile menus that plague other Square Enix PC ports, Like Final Fantasy 5 and 6.

Square Enix has also popped in some new content which was fan requested. Players can now watch any of the animated cut-scenes that were added via the PS1 release. You can also listen to the soundtrack, view artwork from Chrono Triggers development, as well as watch any endings that you’ve also unlocked.

While this version of Chrono Trigger isn’t the most complete version, with a few features from the DS release still missing, it’s definitely a recovery from a shit show of a release. No one expected Square Enix to fix any of the complaints, so could this be a turning point in the company listening to fans?

I’m excited to jump back into the PC release of Chrono Trigger now that the port is fixed. Will you be jumping back in, or is this too little too late? Let us know in the comments below

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