Earlier this week, it was announced that the HD remasters of the Sega Saturn classic Grandia and its Dreamcast sequel Grandia 2 will be hitting the Nintendo Switch, thanks to GungHo Online Entertainment.

Both games were extremely popular when first debuted, 1997 and 2000 respectively, enough so that the first Grandia eventually made it onto the PlayStation.

The original Grandia game can attribute its popularity to its graphics, soundtrack, battle system, and its story, which follows a young man named Justin who sets out to chart the uncharted wilds of the world, despite the fact that there is a huge, insurmountable stone wall that appears to mark the end of the world clearly. The sequel moves on to a new cast and new story in a new world, that introduced a battle system that allowed movement within a traditional RPG-combat format, similar to the Wild Arms series’ mechanics.

Although the series has received other sequels, a few were Japan-exclusive and the last sequel, Grandia Online, appeared in 2009 but was shut down by the end of September. Perhaps we shouldn’t get our hopes up yet, but a success with these remasters may inspire some more entries to the series, or at least an import of those Japan-exclusive games.

Right now there are no release dates up for the Nintendo Switch HD remasters, but the Grandia II remaster is available right now on Steam, if you can’t wait. Eventually, the first Grandia remaster will be released on Steam as well.

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