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Coffee Talk is an upcoming barista simulator visual novel from Toge Productions which is set to launch on PC in 2019.

Set in Seattle in an alternate future of 2020 where humans, elves, mermaids, orcs, dwarves, and more, live in (somewhat) harmony, as they ditch their stereotypes for more modern commodities and methods. In this world, there’s one place where differences are put aside and that’s Coffee Talk, a cafe which only opens after midnight.

Players take the role of the owner of Coffee Talk as they meet various citizens of Seattle as they come in the dead of night seeking salvation over a nice hot cup. But it’s not all about making drinks. Serving customers the correct drinks has an important role in this visual novel as branching stories will unravel depending on the quality of your drinks.

During players’ time with the game, they’ll experience the huge variety of Seattle’s counterculture meeting different people – and aliens, hearing their stories and playing a sympathetic part in them.

Coffee Talk Screenshot

The game was originally conceived as part of an internal game jam over at Toge Productions, however, after receiving positive feedback from players, the company decided to flesh out the game and bring it to a full commercial release.

“Coffee Talk was inspired by the calm feelings of drinking warm drinks in the middle of a cold rainy night, alone or accompanied by friends,” said Mohammad Fahmi, script writer and director of Coffee Talk. “It’s an experience that makes you think, feel, and helps rest your body and soul.”

Coffee Talk launches in 2019. A demo for the game can be downloaded right now from, and Gamejolt.

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