According to the latest rumors swirling around the cyber-sewers, a New Super Mario Bros. U remake could be Switch-bound, possible heading to us by the end of the year!

According to a source that can not be named (oh boy) the re-release will be a collection of the New Super Mario Bros. collection along with, Super Mario 3D World which is one of few Wii U first party classics yet to get the HD treatment on Switch. How long do we have to wait for Mario Maker HD?

After Odyssey, I certainly have a craving for some classic side-scrolling action! In the best possible reality we would be getting a New Super Mario Bros. Allstars, but this more than likely just the dreams of an old jaded man.

Keep your white-gloved fingers crossed and stay tuned to n3rdabl3 to find out more information as soon as we do. Check out the trailer for the original New Super Mario Bros. U for the now dead Wii U would you buy a high definition version of it?

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