Yesterday, a trailer for CT Horrorfest went up on YouTube, touting the fast-approaching one-day tribute to that creepy yet appealing genre of horror, whether it be in film, television, or book form.

The trailer is pretty straightforward, giving the basic info for the convention quickly before touting its impressive guest list, such as Nick Castle, the original Michael Myers, Bill Mosely (House of 1000 Corpses), Michael C. William, not really dead after his encounter with the Blair Witch, and a bundle of former child actors who were terrorized, were the terrors, or charmed (in the case of Butch Patrick, best known for his role as young Eddie Munster on the Munsters. Of course, this is just a fraction of the whole guest list.

The trailer also offers a couple brief glimpses at vendor booths from the event, showing booths specializing in clothing and in posters. There are also meet-and-greets at this event, panels, and costume contests, with some previous competitors shown in this ad.

The quick trailer wraps up with a reminder of ticket prices, $25 at both the door day of (cash only) and ordered ahead of time over PayPal. The big difference between your purchasing choices is that a preordered ticket gets you in the doors and on the convention floor at ten AM instead of eleven AM.

CT Horrorfest takes place on September 15, running from eleven AM to seven PM at the Danbury Ice Arena in Danbury, Connecticut.

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