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Dark Souls Remastered on Switch Finally has a Release Date!

Praise the mutha-fuckin Sun!!

After what feels like years of silence (it was a couple months), Bandai Namco and Nintendo have finally given wary fans a release date for the Switch version of Dark Souls Remastered.

The remaster-made-portable will be available on October 19, which isn’t the summer date they promised us, but hey better late than never I suppose.

Way back in April, Bandai Namco announced that the game had been delayed until summer. Obviously, we are well into the end of that season, and some fans, myself included, were beginning to doubt if and when we would see the game at all for the handheld console. Now we can firmly say that the game is coming, but like all good things, we have to wait just a little bit longer.

Personally, this is an unfortunate turn of events for the title. While Dark Souls is an extremely renowned title, and being able to take that incredible game on the go is beyond appealing, the new release date places a game most fans have already played amidst a colossal amount of new, never-before-played games. This includes Forza Horizon 4, Mega Man 11, Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, Child of Light (Switch), Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Soul Calibur IV, Battlefield V, and Red Dead Redemption 2 are just a handful of titles releasing in October that now Dark Souls will need to contend with.

Dark Souls Remastered

Had Dark Souls Remastered released over the summer like initially planned, it probably would’ve have seen incredible sales. Now though, it’s unclear just how well a remastered game can do when going up against some truly anticipated AAA titles, Red Dead Redemption 2 alone will most likely take highest sales for that month.

And yes, in case you weren’t sure about Solaire’s amiibo, he’s coming too and releasing on the same day as Dark Souls Remastered. The figure will allow players to praise the sun from the very beginning of the game. For those not wanting to get the gesture early, the emote is available within the game itself as well.

Along with the release date, details about the game’s performance have been released as well. When Dark Souls Remastered comes to Switch it will run at 1080p docked and 720p in handheld mode, while maintaining a steady 30 frames per second. All DLC content will be included with the game as well, and a “specific game server” will support the game’s online features, allowing up to 6 available players to all praise the sun together.

The wait is almost over, but until then you can also check out early first impressions of the remaster and be sure to let us know your hype in the comments below! n3rdabl3 has you covered.

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