Bohemia Interactive has confirmed that DayZ is still on track for a summer release on Xbox One Game Preview, a closed test is currently underway.

Earlier this week DayZ was spotted on the Xbox Store giving us hope that a release for the survival game on Xbox One was imminent. Now, we have some good news and some bad news. The game is apparently still on track for a summer release, but we still have no actual release date.

Bohemia Interactive have, however, confirmed that the game is being tested with a select, closed group of Xbox Insiders and the current build is on par with the upcoming PC build, 0.63.

This small-scale test is allowing Bohemia Interactive the chance to make changes to the control scheme, server infrastructure, and other console-related issues, before releasing the title onto Game Preview.

DayZ Screeshot

“The rumors are right! Our guys in Bratislava and Prague have managed to get the first series of builds through the Xbox certification process, and have already made them available for preliminary testing to a closed group of players enlisted in the Xbox Insider Program,” reads the latest DayZ Status Report. “While this is truly a smaller-scale test with only a handful of servers running, it’s hard to hide our own excitement, as this is the first time we’ve let anyone outside of the office play the “full” DayZ experience on a console!”

The post goes to add that as soon as the team is ahead of the game’s current issues on console, they’ll move to the next step which is a Closed Preview. This closed preview will essentially let more players into the test to give the pre-release build of the game a spin.

Bohemia also adds that the upcoming Closed Preview will be the only way for additional Xbox players to get in on the game before its release on Game Preview.

Following these Closed Preview tests, the game will then finally be ready to launch on Game Preview. While a date still seems to be up in the air, the post does add that Bohemia will likely know more once Gamescom rolls around later this month. Is that basically a confirmation that we’ll have a release date at Gamescom? Here’s hoping.

DayZ Game Preview Roadmap August 03

Finally, the post details the game’s trial version – which most games on Game Preview have in order for players to determine whether it’s worth purchasing in its current state. A trial version of DayZ on Game Preview will be coming, and it’ll be limited to one hour of gameplay.

So basically enough for you to find a tin of tuna and an axe to smash it open, while you try not to starve to death on the 20% of tuna you managed to salvage from the smashed up can.

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