DC Universe

DC’s upcoming streaming service, DC Universe, is set to debut on September 15 and will be host to DC Daily as well as series’ like Titans.

While news about DC Universe‘s launch and pricing skipped SDCC earlier this year, Kevin Smith kicked off a live stream with the announcement that DC Universe will be launching on September 15 which also happens to be Batman Day.

The service is set to be home to not only DC Daily, the new name for DC All Access, but a handful of original series such as Titans which will run on Fridays, as well as upcoming shows like Swamp Thing, Young Justice: Outsiders, Doom Patrol, and Harley Quinn. Basically, if you like what DC is doing with their TV series’ you’ll likely want to subscribe.

DC Universe will also have a back catalog of several classic shows such as Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League Unlimited, and more. A selection of comic books will also be available via the service allowing fans to scrub up on their DC Comics’ knowledge or simply explore new series’.

As for pricing, it’ll be available from $7.99 a month, with annual subscriptions available for $74.99.

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