Netflix has revealed that they are more desperate than as a report from their original film division confirms they are making a Death Note 2.

Death Note is one of the most popular anime shows of all time, accessible even to people who think all anime is just cat-ears and schoolkids shooting laser-beams at Satan (in reality, that’s only about 80% of anime). It follows the Japanese high schooler Yagami Light as he discovers a Death Note, a notebook belonging to a God of Death. If you write someone’s name in the notebook, they die in whatever fashion you determine, and so Light goes on a crusade to punish all the evil-doers of the world. He is opposed by the world’s greatest detective, a misanthropic genius known only as L. Along the way, all kinds of themes and issues are explored, such as the meaning of justice and whether the ends do justify the means.

Of course, that is the anime. The film is about high-school douche Light Turner trying to catch the eye of cheerleader Mia by murdering big bad criminals. He is opposed by the world’s slowest detective, known only as L because single letters are about as far as his literacy goes.

Yes, Death Note was one of the more controversial Netflix releases of last year, probably challenged by Bright later that year. The hate is deserved too, as it seems the creators decided to remove everything interesting about the source material and throw it in the fire, replacing it with generic teen horror tripe. On top of being a terrible adaptation, it also had an irritating soundtrack, cringe-worthy performances and some dizzying cinematography.

Death Note Screen

Despite all this, Death Note was one of their more widely discussed films last year, though most of that was negative, and was presumably quite popular. Like a washed-up celebrity, Netflix seems to count absolutely any recognition as a win, so they have ordered a sequel. Now, not much is known at this very early stage, though it does seem like the screenwriter will be Greg Russo. Russo did not work on the first Death Note film, so it may be a hint that this film with be made by entirely different people.

Personally, I think it would be there best move to completely reboot the Netflix Death Note films. Have it work as an anthology, where the characters are all completely new, tied only by the titular notebooks. This would only be an improvement, as it would distance itself from its unpopular predecessor, prevent as many comparisons with its seminal source material, and get rid of all the annoying actors from the first film. If they can replace Adam Wingard as director, even better.

Hopefully, some more information on this film will emerge in the coming days. Be sure to check out n3rdabl3 for more news on Death Note 2!

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