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Destiny 2 is Upgrading its Progression Systems

Better late than never

Destiny 2 has been quite the emotional roller coaster since it’s launch. Its progression systems, in particular, have come under fire more than Bungie would probably care to admit. Well, like most other systems and mechanics in Destiny, Bungie “has been listening” and the progression systems will be getting a significant update with the release of Destiny 2’s newest Forsaken expansion.

With the release of Destiny 2 came the clan system, a way for friends and fellow clansman to play and grow together within the world of Destiny. Unfortunately, the “Clan Perks” never really offered much in the way of motivation for players to really bunker down and reach those high tier clan levels. Bungie has come forward and stated that season 4 will offer much better perks, and even went so far as to actually detail what those changes would be.

As usual, players will earn clan points throughout the season, as they typically do. This time around, however, clan bounties will now go towards your clan’s total experience. Now, however, players will need to do these activities with other clansmen/ clanswomen in order for them to count. While clan levelling might be getting a bit more convoluted, at least the perks will make it all feel worthwhile. After hitting rank 3, players resilience will be increased when playing with fellow clan members. So, if you’re playing with your clan, the amount of damage you take will be reduced, which is a pretty awesome perk.

Hitting ranks 5 and 6 will let players collect more resources. More specifically, rank 5 will grant players the opportunity to earn extra resources from nodes picked up in the Reef. At rank 6, the weekly clan milestone engram will drop a guaranteed Masterwork Core, which is a crucial upgrade material for weapons.

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Along with this comes the announcement of the new Gambit game mode, Forsaken’s crown jewel, which will come with its own ranking system. In Gambit, players will get bounties and rewards based off their rank. While participating in Gambit, you will earn ‘Infamy’, basically what Valor is in Crucible. Obviously, winning more matches earns you more Infamy, but to avoid those that aren’t so competitive getting upset, you will earn Infamy even if you lose, just not as much. Win streaks will also help bolster your earnings. Collecting Infamy will go towards players acquiring special armour and weapons. After hitting level 50 with the Gambit Merchant, the Drifter, players will receive a weekly bounty that allows them to gain powerful gear.

Bungie has been in a trend of implementing these crucial tweaks long after the release of their games or DLC’s. Hopefully, these changes will be as exciting as they sound because these perks actually sound worthwhile. Thankfully we won’t have to wait long to find out.

Destiny 2: Forsaken drops on September 4 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. You can find out more about the upcoming DLC on Destiny’s website.

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