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Discord, the popular gaming community platform, has announced its plans to start selling games directly to players.

In the wake of some of this year’s biggest titles revealing that they won’t be coming to Steam, gaming community platform Discord has announced that it’s currently rolling out a store in beta to around 50,000 Canadian users at random who are subscribed to its Nitro service.

The store’s launch includes a pretty tasty line-up of games including Dead Cells, Saints Row: The Third, Super Meat Boy, Hollow Knight, and Starbound, to name a few. The store will be hand-curated by the platform’s employees offering a more bespoke selection of titles available akin to a “local bookstore”.

In an effort to draw people to their platform, Discord will also be introducing a “First on Discord” selection which will be exclusive to the platform for 90 days. The platform will also offer a universal library meaning players will be able to add and launch games installed on their computers directly from Discord – no matter if an external launcher is required.

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Discord seems to be going for a more community-vibe with their store than straight up trying to compare with the likes of Steam or GOG.com, with players being able to come together to play or even purchase, the same games without having to venture away from the platform that unites them.

It’s definitely an interesting idea, especially as publishers seem to be moving away from third-party stores. The idea of bringing players together rather than pushing them on different platforms makes a lot of sense because I’m pretty tired of having to log in and add friends on different stores just to play a game together.

More info on why Discord is opening a store, and how, if you’re a developer or publisher, you can get involved, head on over to their blog post.

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