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DOOM Eternal Will Be Ditching SnapMap in Favor of “More Intimate” Post-Launch Content

New DOOM Eternal gameplay was shown off at QuakeCon 2018 and much to our surprise it showed us if nothing else, one thing; this game is much farther ahead than we probably anticipated. It also showed us that there won’t be a shortage of new, brutal ways to dismember demons, so really it showed us two things…

Unveiled at E3 2018, this sequel aims to up the action in every possible way. From new traversal mechanics like that sweet ass hook-shot to new, overhauled weapons with a sole purpose of decimating your enemies in gorgeous, bloody fashion; DOOM Eternal is taking the fight to Earth, and the demons that inhabit it. While the game will obviously keep certain things intact like the pacing and arena-style combat, other features from the first title are getting a complete re-work.

In an interview with Gamespot, Marty Stratton, DOOM Eternal‘s Executive Producer, talked about changes they’re bringing to the sequel and how SnapMap won’t be involved.

For those of you unfamiliar with this content creation tool, SnapMap was developed by Bethesda’s newest branch, Bethesda Game Studios Dallas. The idea was players could go into this tool and, using existing game assets, piece together their own maps and levels, hypothetically creating an endless amount of new experiences for other players to enjoy. It was the once called Escalation Studios’ way of giving players a consistent supply of post-game content. However, the main team behind Doom Eternal felt that a more intimate post-launch line of content was necessary to keep players engaged longer.

DOOM Eternal Screenshot

Basically, what we created wasn’t engaging enough for players so the team wants all of DOOM Eternal‘s DLC to have more of their “touch”, which roughly translates into “we can do it better.” Well Bethesda, I’m sorry we aren’t all game developers with fancy degrees and creative minds! Not looking at you though Todd Howard, you’re the fucking man.

Stratton told Gamespot, “We’ve kind of moved away from SnapMap at this point. We loved it, it was great, but it didn’t quite scratch the additional content itch for people in the way that we had hoped it would, in a broad sense. I know there’s some unbelievable SnapMap content out there, but we’ve chosen to reassign those resources and the time spent on that into things like the Invasions. Also, to a new PvP component that, in addition to the invasion, is also very Doom and very connected with what you experience in the game.” 

The game’s creative director, Hugo Martin, added, “We just want to make the Doom-dance social. That’s one of our big goals.”

“We’re going to do a lot with the Invasions, along with the PvP component which we’ll talk about more down the road, and we’re also developing that internally. We’re doubling down on things to make sure they’re done exactly how we want them to be done, and to make sure that they’re connected with the campaign.”

So while SnapMap won’t be making a return, players can absolutely look forward to the team doubling down on their post-launch content which will include campaign DLC this time around…

Martin goes on to say, “One of the big things people wanted was to include some additional post-launch content in the campaign. Unfortunately, SnapMap wasn’t filling that gap for [players]. We’re already putting plans in place to have post-launch content for a long time after that people can continue to play, which we’ll talk about more once the game is closer to launch. It’s really about taking all those resources and time spent on SnapMap, and instead of reinvesting it in our team and the content we’re delivering and the types of things people want to play. More social, connected experiences and more post-launch content.”

DOOM Eternal Screenshot

All joking aside, this is honestly great news. While SnapMap allowed some very creative, interactive maps to come to fruition, a stronger focus on post-launch content both campaign and PvP related is never a bad thing. Just going off of the gameplay we have already seen, Doom Eternal looks to double down on what made the initial reboot so fantastic. Personally, I’m looking forward to shoving that sweet wrist blade down some demon’s throats.

DOOM Eternal will launch for PC, Xbox One, PS4, and the Nintendo Switch. No release date has been given yet, but if the gameplay and interview are anything to go off of, we probably won’t have to wait as long as we think for this sequel to drop!

For all you DOOM Eternal news, gameplay, and tips keep checking back with us here at n3rdabl3, we’ve got you covered.

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